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OmniChannel Digital Advertising



OmniChannel is just a fancy industry buzzword to describe a digital marketing campaign that runs across more than one digital channel, media outlet or device. For a digital marketing campaign to be truly effective, it’s always important to meet customers at every touch point possible along their buyer journey. This means finding smart ways to consistently engage with customers on all of the platforms that they might be using, including smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs.

Do you ever Google a product and then suddenly you’re seeing ads for the same product everywhere you go online? Or, maybe you just got a new puppy and have been searching online for training tips and suddenly you start seeing lots of ads for dog obedience classes? That’s part of OmniChannel digital advertising. 


The process is part art, part science. Ads, tailored specifically to your interests, are served up across multiple channels and designed to reach you as many times as possible wherever you may be “traveling” on the web. When setting up audiences, targeting typically starts by focusing on a geographic location and then uses thousands of data points to identify you as a product’s ideal customer. These can include income, age, hobbies, interests, job title and of course your browser history.

Once an audience profile is created and targets begin to engage with an OmniChannel campaign, we’re able to accumulate additional customer data and can refine your campaign creative and optimize the digital media mix to include even more targeted messaging.

  • Using GPS technology to identify customers 
  • Re-marketing to these audiences across multiple platforms
  • Mobile, web and in-app opportunities
  • Exposure in native editorial content 
  • In-stream mobile video, full episode players and Connected TV  

  • State-of-the-art digital dashboard that tracks the industry’s most important metrics
  • Keep an eye on who your campaign is reaching
  • Track Impressions, clicks, CTR and audience engagement 
  • Measure creative impact in real-time 

OmniChannel Digital Advertising Products


Device ID - Geo Fencing

Mobile phones provide a unique view into user behaviors, frequently visited locations, home, work, habits, interest and much more.


Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display is designed to boost any business seeking to get their message in front of their target market, any place at any time. Widely connected and integrated with all major data exchanges, allowing for the best ability to get in front of your target market.


Email Marketing

Deliver your message to specific consumers using hundreds of targeting options with a dedicated email blast.


Micro-Proximity Targeting

Target people on their mobile device based on where they are in real time. Would you like to reach people visiting your competitors right now? Microproximity allows you to do that.


Native Advertising

Programmatic Native Advertising seamlessly integrates a brand’s most engaging images and content into contextually relevant editorial using a single creative that dynamically adapts to match font and format.


Over the Top TV

TV’s impact. Digital’s precision.
OTT is the biggest screen in the household, delivering premium TV content through an Internet-connected device.


Pre-Roll Video

Programmatic Video and Video Advertising is simply running 15 second, 30 second, and long form video ads within online video content at scale. Commonly referred to as Pre-Roll advertising, Programmatic Video is the most scalable way of targeting an exact audience online.



Leverage the power of two billion monthly Facebook users and 500 million daily Instagrammers with some of the most precise audience targeting available today.


Streaming Audio

Reach your target audience with programmatic streaming radio advertising. Music is everywhere in today’s society, it is with us when we get up in the morning, go to work, sit at our desks, go to the gym, while we eat, and everywhere in-between. Is there a better way to touch your target audience?


Paid Search

Our team of Google Ads certified professionals follow all of Google’s Best practices and are endorsed by Google and BIA Kelsey. Our custom approach separates our team from the rest of the providers in the market ensuring your solution is custom to your needs.



Maximize Reach, Results

Not sure what platform is best for your business? Set your budget – then use this multi-platform strategy to extend your reach and results. We’ll optimize based on what’s working across the platforms.


Better Chat

Generate leads, respond to customers faster, and save time and resources by using Better Chat


Cannabis Network

The Cannabis Network is a collection of Demand Sides Platforms, Inventory Suppliers, and Publications that have explicitly opted in to serve cannabis related display creatives. The minimum targeting will always include a geo target within an area that has legalized cannabis at the state level, and a 21+ age filter applied via data segmentation. This is to ensure compliance with the minimum state law requirements. However, it’s up to the advertiser to know the extent of the state and local laws in which they are allowed to operate.

There are a number of considerations and risks associated with digital cannabis advertising that are different from a typical programmatic effort, which are outlined below.

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