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Device ID - Geo Fencing

Mobile phones provide a unique view into user behaviors, frequently visited locations, home, work, habits, interest and much more.

Every mobile phone has a unique device ID number that is anonymously associated with the carrier of the device. Device ID Targeting and Geo Fencing takes advantage of that by monitoring the location information associated with each device. This information is beamed to the cloud and made available for marketers to leverage and ultimately target consumers or their devices based on where they have been, where they live, and much more.

Once all of the locations, specifically addresses, associated with the ideal consumer behavior are identified, a polygon is drawn around each location, finding the number of devices to target.

From here, an Audience Insight Report is created, which is a demographic report for the users we identified have been within the polygon. These reports tell us the consumers basic demographic data, visitor frequency, household income, and much more.

Now the marketer can figure out if the target audience is desirable and use that information to run a programmatic advertising campaign. This same form of data collection is typically also used to track in store visitors, can be tied back to consumer addresses, specific store sales, and in some cases tied back to consumer email addresses.

Visitor Targeting Reach consumers who have visited target locations in the past, regardless of where they are now.

Conquest Visitor Targeting Reach consumers who have visited competitor locations in the past, regardless of where they are now.

Home Address Identification & Reverse Append Link device IDs to home address, and vice versa.

Household Extension & Lookalike Targeting Expanded audience segments that include other devices in the household and/or audience members with the same demographic and behavioral attributes.

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