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Digital Marketing Strategy

We don’t guess the journey…we know it!


Want to OUT-THINK, OUT-PERFORM and OUT-LAST your competition?


Strong digital advertising campaigns begin with even stronger digital marketing strategies. Led by Lew Sabbag, PTM’s team of digital marketing strategists will help you identify the key marketing challenges facing your business and the best ways to meet them head-on through impactful digital advertising tools.


1. Technology stacks for any journey
- Conversion attribution
- Foot traffic attribution
- Transparent and custom reporting

2. Real-time execution
- Customer acquisition
- Conversion rate optimization

3. Strategic research
- Reaching net new customers


● Market segmentation strategies
● Target audience analysis
● Investment analysis
● Competitive analysis
● Layered data analysis


Understanding digital advertising and marketing can be confusing and overwhelming. Our strategic consultants serve as your guide, creating a customized roadmap with actionable steps to success that are tailored specifically to your goals, budget and timeline. And we’ll stick by your side every step of the way, implementing tactics designed to crush your business goals.

Whether you need to find more ways to engage new client prospects on LinkedIn, automate your marketing outreach or simply increase traffic to your website, our full suite of digital advertising tactics are proven game changers. And with PTM’s access to the industry’s best data, analytics and reporting tools, we’re able to execute more impactful strategies with continuous optimization for even better outcomes. 

Reaching the right customers at the right time is the secret to the most successful digital advertising. Our team of strategists will not only pinpoint your ideal audience but also help you understand each and every little thing about them. 


Called Decision Sciences or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), our strategic analysts use a range of sophisticated data sources to take a super deep dive into your customers’ habits, predicting their next move and helping us determine where to put the most marketing dollars. This leads to more focused digital advertising tactics, optimized creative and better value for your budget.

Digital Marketing Strategy Products


Reporting / Data / Privacy

Reporting and web analytics are the most important part of an active digital marketing campaign. Google reports that out of all churned digital marketing campaigns, 63% of business owners cite reporting as their top reason to choose a new vendor.  Understanding your data and what to do with it takes you to the next level.  And Privacy is a global issue that can have huge impact on your business



Digital marketing is fractured and has too many systems, making it very difficult to scale and automate. UI.Marketing is an integrated application suite that brings together the sales, order and reporting processes in a single user interface.


PTM’s Technology Integrations

At PTM, we use a range of technology integrations to track and measure campaign success.


The Trade Desk - Media Buying for the OPEN Internet

Advertise to audiences across the world, from anywhere in the world


We’re proud to partner with The Trade Desk. As the industry’s top-rated DSP and a leading platform for guaranteeing high-quality traffic and execution, The Trade Desk helps us bring successful hyper-local digital advertising campaigns to life.


 For modern marketers, leveraging data is the key to brand growth. Which is why more advertisers are prioritizing the value of the open internet. Unlike walled gardens, the open internet lets you use data to grow your audience across the widest range of websites, apps, podcasts, streaming TV platforms, and more — comparing performance openly and objectively.

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