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Create beautiful data capture engagements that launch anywhere. No code required. In record time.


IMX Adtech ~ Enabling Quiz Commerce as an interactive way to offer genuine value to consumers and better understand their needs through a more authentic relationship at each stage of their journey. 


6 Types of Genuine Value:


1) Entertain Me
2) Teach Me
3) Test Me
4) Save Me Time
5) Give Me a Recommendation
6) Unlock a Benefit for Me


*An experience with (at least) one of these forms of genuine value is sure to expedite the consumer journey through a much more personalized experience.


6 Types of Quiz Commerce:
~ that will help drive a much more enjoyable experience for both consumers and marketers:


1) Product Match Quiz
2) Personality Quiz
3) Lookbook
4) Interactive Editorial
5) Voting/Live Polling
6) Trivia/Knowledge Test


These different quiz types make it simple and convenient to drive consumers through a more engaging experience.  A product match quiz can be deployed when a consumer is looking for an accurate recommendation and/or a time-saver, whereas a trivia test challenges their knowledge and provides an interactive experience where they learn something new.


IMX is the software platform for capturing consumer attention. Build personalized interactive experiences, branded surveys, and lead forms with average completion rates of over 85% — all while capturing declared data directly from consumers.

  • All-In-One Platform: Everything you need to capture attention — from simple surveys & lead forms to fun, interactive experiences such as a shoppable product match quiz.
  • Speed & Control: No outsourcing, design experience, or coding required. Start with a template and fully brand your experience with fonts, colors, logos, and imagery.
  • Analytics & Insights: Real-time performance analytics help optimize experiences to hit your goals. Audience insights enhance your segmentation strategy with an understanding of customers’ motivations, intents, and desires.

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