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IMX - Experience Types & Vertical Applications

Offers customers personalized, real-time recommendations based on the answers they give you. They can answer questions like “What gift should I get her?” “What service/product is best for me?” or “Answer 5 questions and get matched to a custom travel itinerary!”


Use Product Match to save customers time and effort, bypassing research and the weighing of various options to get a personalized recommendation without any of the work. These experiences act as a personal shopper that unearths the “why” behind the buy.

Everyone loves to learn how they fit in with their favorite topics, and Personality Quizzes deliver while also uncovering their interests and motivations along the way. Asking questions like “What basketball player are you? “What do your music preferences say about you?” or “What’s your vacation personality?” will unlock one of your best tools for audience engagement.


Use Personality Quizzes to teach audiences about themselves with fun and playful outcomes. Better understand consumer preferences on topics that might not be core to your brand but might be helpful in painting a full picture of their interests.

Offers a fun way to engage with and educate with your audiences. Along the way, include a question that teaches you about their preferences. Start with ideas like “How much do you know about the holiday shopping season?” “Can you name the musical artist?” “Are you a pro traveller?” or see where your imagination takes you.


Use Trivia • Knowledge Tests to spark people’s competitive nature, exchange contact info for results, or build brand awareness as results are shared across social media.

A simple concept that generates incredible results. Let your audience vote on what they like most, show them how others are voting in real time, then follow up with the final results later. Grab attention with questions like “Place your picks for this week’s games!” or “What’s your favorite red carpet look?” and watch the results pour in.


Use Voting • Live Polls to teach, to create contests & sweepstakes, gather opinions & insights, or empower consumers to voice their opinions.

Are interactive product catalogs offering a dynamic browsing experience that put your newest products and offering in their best light. Offer a simple linear trip, or send customers down your virtual aisles with a branching experience that directs customers based on what their interests are.


Use Look Books to turn traditional catalogs into beautiful digital flip books that show off your collections, gift ideas, and more. Then drive customers to specific pages on your site based on their preferences.

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