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Our Strategic POV

PTM-IMX is the easiest to use platform in-market, used by the world’s most trusted brands to create engaging, inspirational experiences that capture zero-party data at scale

  • Using the data collected from Jebbit experiences, our customers see exceptional • Lifts in acquisition of net-new consumers to-file
  • Lifts in conversion rates
  • Lifts in personalization capabilities
    • Fans w/ attributes captured from Jebbit accounted for 9% of NFL’s 2020 fan-driven revenue (NFL)
    • $329K in direct-conversion revenue + $600K in assisted revenue in > 6 months (WPromote)
    • 188K leads from Jebbit “Skin Concierge Quiz”; 84% net-new to file (Soko Glam)
    • 4X increase in email conversions (MECCA Beauty Brands)
    • $4MM+ in attached sales; 92% avg. experience completion rate (EXPRESS)
    • 70% email open rate + 14% CTR using Jebbit data to personalize messaging (NARS)

Is the all-in-one platform that enables marketers with the tools needed to create engaging, interactive digital experiences that capture relevant & actionable zero- party data at scale - Helping organizations establish and maintain direct-to-consumer relationships.

  • Develop personas / segments to enable personalization
  • For each persona / segment, identify (to-start) the top 3-5 consumer
  • Attributes that embody that persona’s / segment’s DNA. For Example: 
    • Category (Watches, Bags, Wallets, Jewelry, Gifts)
    • Timepiece Style (Classic, Rugged, Digital, Everyday, Upscale)
    • Band Material Preference (Stainless Steel, Silicone, Leather, Nylon) • Shopper Persona (Loyalist, Deal-Driven, Casual Browser)

The personas / segments + top 3-5 attributes will be used to efficiently create consumer-facing Experiences

Similarly, these will help develop activation and personalization strategies

Out of the box, PTM-IMX offers 8 different experience types (Slides 28 & 29)

  • On-Boarding / Warranty Activation Experience
  • Product Finder
  • Personality Quiz
  • Trivia / Knowledge Quiz • Live Polling / Voting
  • Look-Book
  • Interactive Editorial
  • Branded Surveys
  • Landing Page / Lead-Form

We then work to map these Experience types in two ways:

  • Business Objective 
  • Value to Consumers 

The next phase is focused on where / how consumers will see and engage with PTM-IMX Experiences (i.e. distribution channels)

For illustrative purposes, we might break these recommendations out based on the 2 core business objectives of:

  • Acquisition of net-new customers to file
  • Enrichment of existing consumer profiles / database segments

Where will the data captured from PTM-IMX Experiences be sent?

How will it be activated?

For Example:

  • All data collected from Jebbit Experiences will be sent to Salesforce Marketing Cloud &
  • Salesforce Interaction Studio
  • Within Marketing Cloud, Customer Journey events will be triggered based on attributes collected + event-level data (i.e. Jamie Jebbit gets a personalized email with relevant product recommendations based on the self-declared data she shared when engaging with a “Find the perfect watch for you” experience)
  • Within Interaction Studio, “next-best actions” can be triggered based on attributes collected (i.e. Jonny Jebbit lands on Fossil-dot-com, show him “X” because he told us “Y”)

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