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Maximize Reach, Results

Not sure what platform is best for your business? Set your budget – then use this multi-platform strategy to extend your reach and results. We’ll optimize based on what’s working across the platforms.

In contrast to a fixed, impression-based campaign, a budget-based strategy allows you to take advantage of possible fluctuations in the RTB marketplace to maximize your reach and track multiple engagement metrics.

This allows advertisers flexibility in the way they purchase media and gives them the ability to test multiple platforms at a reasonable cost.

AdMix$1,500 monthly min - Programmatic Display, Facebook + Instagram, YouTube.
AdMix Video$2,500 monthly min - Programmatic Preroll, Facebook + Instagram and YouTube. Great starter package for entering the video space.
AdMix Extended TV$2,500 monthly min - Programmatic Preroll, YouTube, and Connected TV. Great for a client already purchasing TV spots, or has a commercial-grade video creative.
AdMix Omnichannel
$5,000 monthly min - Programmatic Preroll, Facebook + Instagram, YouTube, and Connected TV. Everything video in one bundle, for maximum reach.

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