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Pre-Roll Video

Programmatic Video and Video Advertising is simply running 15 second, 30 second, and long form video ads within online video content at scale. Commonly referred to as Pre-Roll advertising, Programmatic Video is the most scalable way of targeting an exact audience online.

Pre-roll video increases brand recall and has a positive impact on all devices.

  • Increase favorability
  • Boost brand association and engagement
  • Drive intent to purchase advertised product

Pre-Roll Drives Click-Thrus

  • :30 Pre-Roll Click-Thru Rate = 87% Above Industry Average
  • :15 Pre-Roll Click-Through Rate = 371% Above Industry Average

Frequency Targeting: Control frequency, limiting or increasing the number of times your ad is viewed.

Content Targeting: Only interact with a user interested/viewing content relevant to the target consumer.

Day Parting: Control when a user is able to see your sale message.

Behavioral Targeting: Target consumers based on their behavior and tracked interestonline.

Demographic Targeting: Target a specific age, income and/or gender when trying to reach your consumers.

Geographic Targeting: Target a user based on their location, available at zip, city, state, country and radius. Custom geo fencing also available.

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