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Cannabis Network

The Cannabis Network is a collection of Demand Sides Platforms, Inventory Suppliers, and Publications that have explicitly opted in to serve cannabis related display creatives. The minimum targeting will always include a geo target within an area that has legalized cannabis at the state level, and a 21+ age filter applied via data segmentation. This is to ensure compliance with the minimum state law requirements. However, it’s up to the advertiser to know the extent of the state and local laws in which they are allowed to operate.

There are a number of considerations and risks associated with digital cannabis advertising that are different from a typical programmatic effort, which are outlined below.

The relative scale of cannabis-friendly inventory is extremely limited when compared to the scale seen with the total available space. As well, inventory sources can opt out at any time, without notice, thereby temporarily diminishing the scale of the network. For this reason, forecasting is extremely difficult and a consistent pacing of impressions and/or clicks cannot not guaranteed.

How we combat Inventory Volatility and Scarcity:
We are constantly seeking out additional sources to add to the network to ensure we can maximize the pool of available impressions, but there may be temporary dips in serve as suppliers opt out without notice.

Regardless of the myriad sources of inventory, We will optimize between platforms to maximize performance (according to client goals) and will consolidate reporting. Clients will always have the ability to verify traffic through their own Google Analytics. We will apply a default UTM URL append to any landing page when none is provided by the partner/client.

Due to the cannabis being classified as a schedule 1 drug at the federal level, inventory suppliers and end users are extremely sensitive to exposure regardless of local state laws.

If an end user flags a creative through their browser, the entire campaign can be temporarily paused as the creatives will be re- submitted to the audit process, which can take days. It is also possible for an inventory supplier or publisher to permanently block an advertiser if the creatives are flagged too many times. For this reason, a more conservative approach will maximize the potential to be shown on as many different publications as possible.

We always recommend being as conservative as possible with creative design (i.e. no flower, leafs, bongs, etc. in the imagery). This gives us the best opportunity out of the gate to maximize available ad placements. As well, creative changes may be required mid flight if flags or audits prevent the serve from hitting the intended daily impression volume.

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