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Digital & WEB Analytics

Finding Value & ROI in Digital Analytics

Digital & WEB Analytics is the practice area of exploring digital data and website performance carried out to optimize the performance of your online business.  Google Analytics is just a tool.  Digital Analytics looks to understand how the data works, the numbers & ratios that can be analyzed and interpreted + appreciation of data sampling issues, and statistical relevance.  All with the GOAL of making your business more profitable, sustainable and scaleable.


Conversion (rate) Optimization - (CRO) - also analyzes & interprets, and then sets up the GOALS, Strategies & KPIs that become your strategic roadmap for your business.  'FACT-Based Marketing' as we like to call it


Past that the world of Business Analytics & Business Infomation come into play and ultimately the Data Scientists come into play with all the math, science, probability and statistics chops


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