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This Year’s Holiday Hero ~ 1st Part-Data: Collect & Grow Your Self-Declared Data with Publish Today Media and IMX

The gift that keeps on giving this holiday season?

First-party data!

Looking for a surefire way to drive engagement and increase overall conversion? Implement some Quiz Commerce into your seasonal marketing mix and utilize your data well beyond the festivities with Experiences that Capture the 1st-Party Data at Scale with Publish Today Media/IMX Customer engagement.

Enhanced Digital Experience

By providing unique digital experiences, customers will share first-party data your brand can use to create unique 1:1 customer experiences. Here are some ideas on what you can do to capture that data.

  • Ask pop-up style questions on your website and app and use this data to hone your personalization efforts.
  • Encourage customers to access their account on your site or your app by offering customer service chat, real-time order updates, and mobile app-specific promotions. This digital behavior data is valuable as it’s tied to unique, recognizable individuals.
  • Use a wish list to ensure customers don’t miss out on sales and notify them when products are back in stock.
  • Gate contents to ensure your brand’s gains data from interested customers
  • Engage customers across your digital platforms with quizzes, games, and surveys which all help to build preferences as well as personalize the customer experience.

In-store & Post Purchase

Physical stores still account for 70% of retail sales, so it’s crucial to gather first-party customers data where possible.

  • Provide incentives to customers who register their new products and leave reviews. With both options, you can collect additional customer data for use in creating personalized customer experiences.
  • Encourage your customers to use vouchers and discount codes they’ve received via their smartphones. At the point of sale, store employees will be able to identify the customer and make recommendations tailored to their needs.

Now you’re ready to manage the complexity of your holiday data until next season!

  • Step 1: Use IMX to create an interactive holiday gift finder
  • Step 2: Embed the Gift Finder on your website homepage or relevant category page(s)
  • Step 3: Users engage, find the perfect holiday gifts, and make a purchase or submit their email address to see relevant gift recommendations (did we mention that more than 80% of consumers who start a PTM/IMX experience or quiz will complete it?)
  • Step 4: Activate that data you collect using IMX/PublishTodayMedia

By Implementing Quiz Commerce into your holiday marketing mix with Publish Today Media and IMX Customer Engagement, you’ve now:

  • Acquired more customers and grown the size of your database
  • Increased conversion rates by showing consumers the most relevant products for them based on what they told you
  • Captured consumer preference data at a scale that will help inform your future remarketing and personalization strategy
  • And established a direct to consumer relationship by delivering genuine value, which can lead to brand loyalty and over time increased customer LTV

What’s SEO?


Quiz Commerce is an interactive way to offer genuine value to consumers and better understand their needs through a more authentic direct-to-consumer relationship. In other words, to offer consumers the opportunity to take a quick, interactive quiz and based on their preferences and needs, help them find what they’re looking for.

As you might imagine, to recommend relevant products based on consumers’ preferences and needs, you must first have the ability to collect them. Enter PTM/IMX, the leading quiz software to collect consumer-declared, first-party (also referred to as zero-party) at scale.

Using PTM/IMX, you can create interactive quizzes and experiences like Product Finders (i.e. Holiday Gift Finders). Personality quizzes, Interactive Look-books (i.e. Holiday Gift Guides), and more, without ever needing to touch a line of code. Using these interactive experiences, you can ask consumers questions like “Who are you shopping for?”, “How would you describe your style?”, or “What’s your budget?” - and in the backend, use PTM/IMX’s dynamic logic features to then match consumers to the right product(s) or gift(s) for them, all based on the answers they provide.

With PTM/IMX, the quizzes and experiences you create can be developed on any channel, on-site, social, email, SMS, in-app, paid media. QR code, etc. so that you can meet consumers wherever their attention is.

By using the data captured from PTM/IMX in your holiday quiz commerce blitz with Publish Today Media, brands can increase engagement, enhance personalization, boost conversion rates, enrich customer profiles, and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. How, may you ask?

Check out these suggestions from Publish Today Media on how to create a value exchange that will give you the data you need to create a more personalized customer experience.​



Loyalty is vital to forming deeper relationships with customers and improving your customer lifetime value (CLTV). Customers often see loyalty programs as value-adding experiences. Here are some great ideas for creating lasting customer relationships with loyalty.

  • Extend the value of your loyalty program beyond points and prizes and give your customers exclusive access to products, VIP experiences, and priority customer service
  • Create a subscription service to drive repeat revenue and to create custom profiles and experiences for each customer.
  • Make your most loyal and profitable customers part of a community that provides valuable insight into product ideas/development/testing. These insights can be used to improve your product roadmap and increase customer loyalty.

Publish Today Media/IMX

PTM/IMX enables businesses to create branded quizzes and interactive experiences that drive 80% completion rates and collect 1st-party, consumer-declared data at a scale. Businesses use our Intuitive Experience Builder to create Product Finders, Personality Quizzes, Interactive Lookbooks, and more without ever needing to touch a line or a code - Giving them the speed and control needed to get content live in days versus weeks or months. IMX experiences can be deployed on any channel (email, on-site, social, in-app, SMS, QR code, etc.) so that businesses can meet and engage consumers, wherever they are. And by asking customers and prospects questions in a fun and engaging way that offers genuine value to the consumer, brands collect consumer-declared data (preferences, motivations, intents, Pll, etc.) at scale - All of which can be used to power both in-the-moment personalization and can activate for future re-marketing using Publish Today Media technology solutions + any additional technologies an organization may use within their marketing stacks.

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