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Publish Today Media’s Digital Marketing Secrets to Success

The secret is you really have to start out on the right foot!

One of the key concepts of our secrets to success is you need to get started correctly; and get the right things lined up, in the right places, with all the right people, from the very start. Here’s our quick list of what to do:

1. Target Correctly


“Who~Say~Do” - That's the whole foundation of all this digital stuff. 

Here are the first questions we need to get answered: 


  • Who do you want to talk to? 
  • What would you say to them when you find them? 
  • And most importantly, what do you want them to do?


Who's that ideal audience for you ~ who's your bullseye client?  We can find them ~

When you start to know buyer info going into targeting a client you have a huge advantage. It's less of putting your ad everywhere versus sending your advertising and messages directly to the person that needs it.

2. Put the Right ‘Metrics that Matter’ in Place

You have to track all this once you start planning it all together. For everything you do in digital marketing, you can track it down to the exact occurrence, click, and conversion to a sale. 

  • Tracking setups ~ Google Analytics/Search Console/Google Tag Manager
  • Attribution & Conversion ID’s - The Buyer Journey - A Full-Funnel perspective
  • Stakeholders are engaged, paying attention & making decisions on time
  • Set clear goals and expectations


3. Make the Story Visible - Reporting = The #1 decision-making tool

One of the key things in online and digital reporting is paying attention to your analytics data to see what’s working. The more you do that stuff - versus anything else - the more successful you are. This means working closely with your team to develop the 'metrics that matter' and inject them into your decision making 

  • Meeting Cadence + Measurables + KPI’s
  • Reporting + Dashboards
  • Data Snapshots - A Bird’s Eye View
  • Interpret/Analyze/Decide/Optimize


Use visual SNAPSHOTS for a Bird’s Eye View:

GEOs * Conversions * Creative Channels/Devices * Sales Cycle

We can show you snapshots across geographies, conversions, and what your top channels are. Where do clients come in on and how recently do they do it? And, are they actually in the market for what you need?

4) Now you can Optimize & Decide what to DO Next!

Then finally, we help you interpret the data and we help you decide what to do next.  The PTM Operations team monitors active campaigns to identify all opportunities for optimizations. While the technical details may seem overwhelming at first for those who may be newer to digital advertising, the point is to make sure that the client's advertising dollars are spent on the right tactics for the best ROI.

Our team is always available to review reporting, help craft a meaningful story behind campaign data, and support you in conversations with your stakeholders. 

Reach out with your questions


And don't forget our biggest success factor ~


is your 
biggest weapon 
in understanding
what works and
what to DO next!