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How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile


Drive Local SEO Success with Google Business Profile ~ GBP



Creating a Google Business Profile is the first step to local search success. We at Publish Today Media say ~ you should ‘own your backyard’ first, and then grow your web presence from there.  There are many things you can do to increase your online presence and create new business opportunities leveraging GBP.

That way you are getting FOUND for the right reasons. 

Do not ignore the benefits that Google Business Profile can deliver to help increase your company’s visibility. Google Business Profile is a local marketing tool that requires ongoing action.   Feed it consistently and you will be rewarded.

Study the basics and take advantage of all the necessary features. You are already one step ahead of the game because you claimed your GBP.   Now ~ Provide as much quality information about your business as you can. Your Google Business Profile should accurately represent your business. Get customers and your business rivals talking. 

* First, the basics:

1) Pay Attention to all GBP Features - Enter All the Needed Data
Get as technical as you can. If you need help - go get it. There are many guides and services that can do this for you. The key with Google is filling in all the boxes that are relevant. Be sure to be clear with what you do. Use file names, image captions, and alt text that are highly descriptive. 
Google search favors the most relevant results for searches. It’s easier to find businesses with the most accurate search presence. All listings should communicate what your business does. 

2) Keep Business Details up to Date
Paying attention is one of the most important aspects of the web. Keep your business info current and plan to post & update regularly.

3) Address Search Content Properly - Include the Right Keywords
Give your Google posts a strong signal. Understand who you are targeting. Being aware of your audience's search goals helps you overcome any challenge. Know that it may take multiple posts to get some traction. Try to anticipate what your next searcher needs.
If you want to be found, use the right keywords. But do not overload your description with keywords. Read Google’s guidelines to avoid mistakes. 

Google posts are a great way to improve your Google Business listing. It allows you to share content straight onto your page, which also guides on the knowledge panel, therefore giving you a great opportunity to stand out.

4) NOW ~ Take Your Visibility to the Next Level 

** 1st Start Answering Audiences Questions

Questions are the online search fuel for Google. Audiences are constantly asking questions. Every question requires a detailed answer. Answer your Top 10 frequently asked questions in GBP. And consider sharing the questions your audiences SHOULD be asking. That will set you apart from the competition.

From your Google Business Profile dashboard, you will be able to select 'posts' from the left-hand menu and jump straight into creating content.

**Also, share content that makes sense and helps your audience. Here are some ideas. 

  • Any upcoming events you are hosting
  • Sales posts that are currently running
  • Share a snippet from a post that you wrote on Google
  • Write a message to your customers

** How Do I Feature Products on Google Business Profile?

The Product Editor permits merchants to construct a presence on mobile and the computer to showcase their products and drive consumer interactions. Items added through the Product Editor appear in Business profiles when a Google search is performed.

It is as simple as creating collections that include at least three products each and completing the mandatory fields, including the product image. Customers can view your collections and click through to view more details:

**How Do I Encourage Viewers to Leave Reviews?

Here are a few Review Generation ideas:

  • Use features within Google's Marketing Kit to create social posts to encourage customers to leave reviews.
  • Send emails to customers after they purchase one of your items. Politely ask for them to leave a review on your Google Business Profile
  • Reaching out to customers is surprisingly effective. 


Work these GBP areas regularly and you will see more traffic, activity, and conversions come in from your Google Business Profile - all right from your own backyard!