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A Consultative Approach to Digital Marketing Success

Every client that we speak to is different. Each of them has a different set of pain points, business objectives, growth goals, and fluency of marketing. On top of that, a business owner typically spends 60+ hours a week actually running their business. This does not leave a lot of time for them to be the expert in marketing their business, we need to be the marketing experts for them. Adding digital marketing to your marketing mix accomplishes their goals and objectives with Solution-Agonistic Strategies.


This takes us right back to our sales funnel! When building a Solution-Agnostic marketing plan for our clients, it is important to do our best to cover the entire funnel. Including a set of high-funnel, mid-funnel, and low-funnel products is a shoo-in for any strategy:

(1) Build branding and awareness with your O&O plus Programmatic Display.
(2) Drive more interest and intent with Email or Device ID Targeting.
(3) Capture customers ready to convert with SEO or SEM.

Then we set expectations for each of these products and what our clients should expect from them. We can identify and communicate the metrics of success for each of these platforms before the campaigns even begin:

  • How many times will your client’s message be seen? (Impressions)
  • How many potential customers will come to their website via the campaign? (clicks)
  • Are new website visitors interested and learning more? (onsite conversions)
  • How many potential customers are asking for more information about their products and services? (Form Fills, Phone Calls)
  • How many people visited our store location that was touched by our campaign? (Foot Traffic Attribution)

Here are some tips and tricks of best-performing campaigns

  • Establish KPIs before the campaign launching, and ensure you’ve selected the best products to meet those KPIs.
  • Review the KPIs each month during our meeting, and how they are being achieved.
  • We meet with our clients before the campaign goes live and we set the expectations on reporting and communication cadence.
  • We ask questions! How is business going? Are sales up month over month? Down? Is there a seasonality effect?
  • We review our client’s Google Analytics account so they can be familiar with traffic, key metrics, and views of other campaigns they may be running.
  • We help clients understand the ins and outs of reporting. If you need help interpreting what the reports mean, ask us for help!